What are work folders and how are they used?

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In shared folders, such as class folders, which all pupils in the class have access to, pupils can only overwrite their own saved work. They cannot overwrite the work of other pupils, even though they can open and view other pupils' saved work.

Any changes made to another pupil's work in a shared folder will be saved as a copy, so that the original work is not modified.

Pupils also have a private "My work" folder that only teachers and the pupil can see. Each pupil's "My Work" folder is a personal folder that other pupils do not have access to, so the best method if you do not want pupils to view one another's saved work is to have them always save to their "My Work" folder.

Please see our in-depth guide for more information about work folders and sharing in Purple Mash.

For home use, we recommend pupils log into their home computers using their school logins they would normally use while at school.

However, if you would not like pupils to have access to any saved work while at home, including their own, then we recommend they use the guest login link instead of having them log in.#

The guest login link is limited to access only, so while they can access all of the applications on Purple Mash, they cannot access work folders, and cannot save, modify, or open any work.

They will also not be able to participate in collaborative tasks/apps or any 2dos set by teachers either. If they click on any of these features, they will be prompted to log in before continuing.

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