How do I run the MIS Sync wizard?

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  1. Log into Purple Mash and head to the Manage Users section.
  1. Once in Manage Users, select Tools (top of the page), then MIS Sync Wizard.
Please note that only an Administrator on the school's Purple Mash account can run the MIS Sync wizard.

Step 1 of the wizard asks you to choose the username format of your pupils and staff.

We recommend setting up pupils in the format "forename + surname initial" (e.g. John Smith would have the username JohnS) as children tend to learn their first name before their last name.

  1. Click next to move onto step 2 which is selecting the password format for your pupils. You can select by year group as a text-typed password may not suitable for your EYFS pupils but perfectly suitable for your KS2 children.
The username and password formats chosen in the first 2 steps of the wizard will only apply to new users being created. Existing users will still have the same login details as before. To change passwords for existing pupils, you can follow our guide here.
  1. Click next to move onto the next step: mapping year groups. This step only needs doing once, but is very important. Depending on what MIS you use, you may have a different naming format for each year group. For example, "Year 6" could be known in your MIS as "Y6", "Year Six", "6", "Yr6" etc but Purple Mash will only recognize "Year 6". Therefore simply map your year groups to the Purple Mash format.
  2. Next is the subject groups page, simply click next again if not applicable to your school.
  3. Once you have hit next you will be shown a summary of the information you are importing. Check this is what you were expecting to see and hit finish to complete the sync. Any new staff accounts will be sent an activation email and you will be able to print out login cards.
Be sure to check the possible duplicates box and resolve any duplicates. You can find out more about this here

Your user accounts & classes should now be up to date, reflecting your school's MIS.

Shared Folders are disabled by default for newly created pupil accounts. You can find out more about Shared Folders, including how to enable them for pupils, on the following link: Managing Shared Folders
A "Users who will not be imported due to errors" message most likely contains staff members who do not have an email address in the MIS. If some pupils are not imported then it is possible they are not assigned to a registration group on the MIS system. You can still complete the sync and either manually add any missing staff afterwards, or add the emails to the MIS and run the wizard again.

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