Can my school's MIS system automatically create my Purple Mash logins for me?

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Purple Mash can directly sync to your school's Management Information System (such as SIMS for example), using Groupcall Xporter on-demand. This is available to all Purple Mash school admins at no extra cost, and is the quickest and simplest way to set up your logins and keep them up-to-date.

Groupcall Xporter on-demand is a completely free-to-use (and GDPR compliant) portal for all schools to log into and securely share school data with Purple Mash.

To help you get started, please see How to register your school with Groupcall Xporter on-demand and Sharing your data using Groupcall Xporter on-demand.

After authorising the data share to Purple Mash using Groupcall Xporter, you can then use the MIS Sync Wizard as shown below in the 2Lasso+ interface.

Once you have installed the Xporter and authorised the data share, it is ready to request as many times as you wish. So when ever you have pupils join or leave the school, simply run the MIS sync wizard.

This means that admins will no longer have to import spreadsheets to update class information for staff and pupils every academic year.

If your school is already set up with logins, this is not a problem at all. You can still set up the sync between your MIS system and Purple Mash using Groupcall Xporter and all data will be synced.

The only step to get this process started would be to register to Groupcall Xporter for free, and if you are an existing Purple Mash customer, our friendly support team will be happy to send you a registration invite link and then assist you on the data-sync.

To contact our support team, you can email your school details directly to with the nature of your request.

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