What MIS data does 2Simple require? (Groupcall)

Updated by Matt Besant

When syncing Purple Mash and/or Striver with your MIS, you will need to authorize data sharing for these data scopes:


    • Access to structural school information such as groups & headteacher contact details
      • Allows us to assign staff and students to the correct classes

    • Access to basic staff details (names & work contact details)
      • Staff Purple Mash and/or Striver accounts require a first name, last name and email address

    •  Access to basic student details (names, gender)
      • Pupil Purple Mash and/or Striver accounts require a first name and last name


    • Access to student UPN and former UPN data
      • This is the unique identifier for all pupil accounts, not including UPN can result in duplicates

    •  Access to extended student information (Additional identifiers, extended name data)
      • Date of Birth so we can wish a happy birthday
      • (we are not currently viewing this data as the feature is in development)

    • Access to staff home contact details
      • An email address is required for staff accounts. If no work email address is stored in your MIS you may wish to use their personal email address.
      • Please note: a work email will always be used if available, even if sharing this data scope.

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