Change assignment of staff to classes

Updated 1 month ago by Matt Besant

To change the assignment of teachers to classes:

  1. Login to your admin account.
  2. Click the drop down next to your name
  3. Go to "Admin Settings", then select "Manage Users".
  4. Click "Classes" and select the class you want to assign staff to.
  5. Click "Edit". In the staff panel, you can click "Add Staff". This brings up a panel where you can search and add staff to classes.
  6. Check the staff members that you want add. Then, click "Select" to add the selected staff. Use the search field to search for specific staff. If the staff members do not exist, you can click "Add New Staff" button.
  7. To remove staff, check the staff members you wish to remove and click "Remove Staff".
  8. Once done, click "Save" to save the changes.

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