Are UPNs required?

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In order to set up pupil logins, the UPN (Unique Pupil Number) is required.

We encourage the use of real UPNs because they do not change. Thus, they can be used to consistently update pupil details in Purple Mash, such as classes at the start of the each academic year.

Without real UPNs, there is a risk creating duplicate pupil accounts or updating the wrong pupil whenever the existing pupil details need updating on Purple Mash.

If you cannot disclose UPNs, do not have access to them, or do not use UPNs in your school system (generally outside the U.K.), then you can provide any other unique identifier you would rather use (such as a Student ID), or leave it blank. 

Upon import, we can create fake UPNs in place of the pupils' real UPNs so pupils can be set up with logins. However, this method does not guarantee that pupil details can be updated correctly at the start of the each academic year.

If you have specific questions unique to your school, please reach out to support.

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