How to manually add pupils

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To add pupils, you will first need to head to the Manage Users secton. You can access this by clicking on your name in Purple Mash, then going to Admin Settings > Manage Users.

There are two ways to manually add pupils. You can add them from the Pupils screen or you can add them while editing classes or groups.

Add a pupil from the Pupils screen

  1. Choose 'Pupils' on the left-hand menu.

  1. Click the 'Add' button:
  1. Fill in the fields that appear. If you have already created Groups or Classes, you can assign the pupil to them now.
  1. Click Save to complete.

Add a pupil from the Classes or Groups area

  1. Open the Class editing screen for the class to which you wish to add a new pupil - OR - Open the Group editing screen for the group to which you wish to add a new pupil.
  2. In the Pupils area on the bottom right portion of the screen, click on the Add Pupils button. 
  3. On the next screen click on Add New Pupil, this opens the Create new pupil screen:

  1. Complete the required information Name, Username, Email or UPN and Password.
  2. Click Save to complete. The pupil will be added to the school. 
  3. On the Edit Class screen, click the Save button to add the new pupil to the class that you are editing.

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