How to use the Import Wizard to add and edit pupils

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The Import Wizard can mass-create users in Purple Mash using data from a spreadsheet.

  1. Firstly, create a spreadsheet with three headers: Full Name, Class and UPN.

Ensure these columns are filled for each pupil.

If you do not have access to the UPN (unique pupil number) you can use any other unique identifier for example abc1, abc2, abc3.

We can mass-generate usernames and passwords for you at a later step. However, if you wish to set them up yourself for example, to match other usernames and passwords that pupils use, you can add columns with the headers 'username' or 'password'.

You can download a sample spreadsheet here. Sample spreadsheet

Upload data to Purple Mash

  1. Click on Pupils within 2Lasso

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Click on Import Wizard

You have two options to put the data on your spreadsheet into Manage Users:

You can save your spreadsheet as a .csv file. Then click on 'Select a file' and select that csv file. This is a better option for large numbers of pupils where you have a big spreadsheet.

Or you can highlight and copy your pupil information, and then paste it into the box provided.

  1. Click on Select a file and select your completed Excel Sheet
The 'First row is header' box is automatically ticked. If you have not added headers to your spreadsheet, you should untick this or the first user in your spreadsheet will be lost.

Generate Usernames and Passwords

You will then be prompted to select Usernames and Passwords for your new pupils.

This will not change any Usernames or Passwords for existing pupils.

Username Options

Full Names




Forename initial + Surname


Forename + Surname initial


Password Options







Picture Pin


Two digit Picture Pin


Five letter noun followed by three digits


Six Letter noun followed by four digits


Confirm and Complete

Rows appear in green when you are successfully adding a new user. Rows appear in orange when you are editing a user that is already in the system. If this is not what you wish to do, you may need to change the username you have chosen.

Rows appear in red when there has been an error. If you click under the errors column, there will be an indication of why the users can't be added.

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