Using a webcam in Purple Mash

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Some browsers have native support for accessing a webcam, other older browsers require Flash Player to be installed.

  • Chrome

Chrome should prompt you to allow access to your webcam using this small popup:

At any later time you can inspect the settings by clicking the word “Secure” next to the URL:

You can manually change the settings by clicking on the hamburger menu at the top right. Go to “Advanced > Privacy and Security”

Click on Content settings and make sure “Ask before accessing” is enabled. If you have already clicked “Allow” on the small popup you should see listed here.

  • Firefox

Firefox uses a similar system:

You can click on the hamburger menu (top-right), and follow the links to “Options > Privacy & Security > Permissions“

Make sure that “Block new requests” is not ticked.

  • IE10

IE10 uses Flash Player to enable the webcam and we do not support IE10 and Flash at the current time.

  • IE11

IE11 also uses Flash Player and IS supported.  There are multiple ways to manage access to your camera. When you start to use the webcam this popup should appear asking you to allow access.

If you do not see this popup you may need to use the Flash Player Security Manager. Right-click on the area where Flash should be displayed, and click “Settings” and then “Allow and Remember”

A further option is to go to Flash’s Website Privacy Settings panel.

The URL is:

If you have disallowed purplemash access in the past you will need to come here and either remove the “deny” setting (and then you should be prompted next time you open a Purple Mash app to “Allow”), or add and and set them to “Always Ask” or “Always allow”

  • IE Edge

IE Edge does not require Flash Player. This popup controls whether a site can access your webcam:

If this popup is not shown, check the Windows privacy settings app (Search for “camera Privacy”)

  • Safari (Mac)

Use of the webcam in Safari depends on Flash Player, similar to IE11. Install Flash Player and allow it ro run (“Use Once” or “Use Every Time”)

Then click “Allow”

  • Tablets - Safari (iPad) and Android (Chrome)

These devices do not have a “camera” button because these devices always prompt you to choose whether you want to use the camera or not when you try to select an image:

For further troubleshooting:

  • If your browser requires Flash, please double check that your Flash Player is up to date.
  • Please double check if your webcam is being used by another tab or another browser. It is often impossible for the camera stream to be sent to two different places simultaneously.
  • After connecting a webcam it might be necessary to save your work and refresh the page in order for the webcam to be detected next time.
  • Please do visit a site such as these to check if your webcam works outside of Purple Mash – then we will be able to diagnose the problem more easily.

Please be aware that no data from your webcam is streamed to our servers, all functionality is contained on the client computer. 

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