What is Purple Mash?

Updated 2 years ago by Sam Barnett

Q: What is Purple Mash?

A: http://www.purplemash.com is 2Simple’s creative online space for primary school teachers and learners. Purple Mash includes:

  1. Creative Tools - 2Paint, 2Publish, 2Design&Make, 2Publish Extra, 2Go, 2Graph, 2Count, 2Animate, 2Sequence, Logo, 2Investigate, 2DIY 3D
  2. Writing / Publish Projects (over 300 of these) – including leaflets, postcards
  3. Paint Projects (over 70)
  4. Mashcams
  5. 2Type, Simple City, Maths Games 1
  6. An online saving area per pupil

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