Does Purple Mash have filters for offensive language?

Updated by Mark Welham

Presently, Purple Mash does not employ any digital filters on offensive language or images. There are a variety of reasons for this, but most come down to a matter of accuracy. For instance, some filters will filter out otherwise safe words and because users can quickly identify workarounds to essentially get the same point across.

Additionally, many of our tools are graphical and pupils are able to draw words or images that may be offensive to others. Naturally, the best remedy here is proper supervision and attention to pupils when they are on a computer.

If you should come across any particularly egregious offenses, feel free to reach out. In most instances, we may be able to identify the user or I.P. address causing the offense. However, we are not always able to do so for various technical reasons.

Our desire is that Purple Mash continues to provide a safe and educational platform for the many pupils who use it to advance their learning and cooperation with others. Should you need any further assistance on this, please reach out to us.

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