Where did the name Purple Mash come from?

Updated by Sam Barnett

It is an incredible story. According to one long-time employee...

We wanted something flexible enough to not really nail us down to a limited definition of what it was, and memorable enough to become a brand in its own right. It also had to encapsulate the ethos of "broccoli ice cream": everyone wants ice cream but they need broccoli. Max, one of the first developers, put up a pin board with some keywords printed and invited people to post their arrangements of them. I think it was always going to be "purple [something]" or "[something] purple" because that was such a big part of the 2Simple brand already. Eventually they took all the suggestions and thrashed it out until they had it narrowed down to a single name.

Yes, we also were hoping it had something to do with an errant purple marker and some mashed potatoes...

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