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These instructions are for our older CD (downloadable) software. Support for this software is limited. Please see Purple Mash support for tools and help related to Purple Mash. Note: many of our older CD software titles share the same name as tools within Purple Mash, our award-winning online educational software that enables enables children to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way.

It sounds like your clients are connecting to the 2email server, but that the server isn't distributing the emails. There is a simple way to check this. This first question is do you know where the server is? If not, you can find this out by following the below instructions:

  1. Open Explorer by right clicking the start button and then left clicking 'Open Windows Explorer'
  2. Go to the 2email installation folder. This is usually c:\program files\2simple software\2email (client)\application
  3. Open the file email.ini. The may just appear as email, but will be of file type 'Configuration Settings'.
  4. Copy the server location (excluding Location=) and paste it into the Explorer location bar. Press return to go there.

You will now have a window open looking at the server folder. You should see a folder called Mailbank. 

If the server is running correctly this folder will be empty. 

If it's not empty your server has a problem. In this case, we can diagnose it by following the below instructions:

Log onto the machine running as the mail server. It'll help if you can still see the Mailbank folder. If the contents of the folder vanish, the server has started working.

  1. Open the '2email Sorter Console'. You can find this by pressing the Start button and going to All Programs / 2simple Software / 2simple email Sorter.
  2. Once this has opened the 2simple Email Sorter should be the first service listed. Under status does it read 'Started'. If not, right click the service and then left click 'Start'. If it already reads Started, try right clicking and then left clicking 'Restart'. Is the Mailbank folder now empty? If it is then the problem should be resolved. If you receive an error at this point please try installing the package from step 6 and trying starting it again. If you receive no error and it's still not working, please continue.
  3. Right click on the '2simple Email Sorter' service. Left click Stop.
  4. Open Windows Explorer. Go to the installed location of 2email Sorter. If you don't know this installed location, you can follow the below to find it:
    1. Click the 'Start' button.
    2. Go to All Programs / 2simple Software / 2simple email Sorter.
    3. Right click the icon for 2email Sorter Console. The location given in the 'Start in:' field is the location you need open.
    4. Right click in the text in the 'Start in:' field. Left click 'Select All'. Right click again. Select copy.
    5. Open Windows Explorer. in the address bar, right click and select paste. Delete any " Speech marks. Press return.
  5. Your browser should now show the installed location. You'll see a file called Sorter. Double click it to run it.
  6. If you receive a run time error:
    1. Download the package from this link.
    2. Run the package you just downloaded.
    3. Try running Sorter again. If you still receive an error, please contact support.
  7. If you did not receive an error, please look at the Mailbank folder. Is it now empty? 
    1. If it is, then the server is working.
    2. If it is not, then you the issue is still present. The link here is to the latest version of the 2Email server. Please reinstall it. 
  8. If this does not work, please contact support.

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