How to manually add staff

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Adding a new staff member is easy.

  1. A school admin must login to the Administration section of Purple Mash.
  2. Click on the drop down next to your name (top right of the screen)
  3. Choose Admin Settings,then Manage Users. This will take you to the Administration section (called 2Lasso) where you can manage all your pupils, staff, and classes.
  4. Once inside the Administration section of Purple Mash, click on the Staff tab on the left.
  5. From there, you can add a new staff member, edit an existing one, or delete any staff no longer required by your school.
  6. When you add a new staff member, you will need to input their Name and Email and create a Username with which they will use to login.
Staff can log in to Purple Mash by using their email address, or their username.
  1. Staff can be given a Role of teacher, or if you want them to have the same access to Purple Mash as you, the role of School Admin.
  2. Before Saving, you may wish to assign the new (or modified) staff member to any Classes (or Groups) you have already in place. Staff can only access the work of pupils for classes to which they are assigned.
  3. Click Save.

For new staff members, they will receive a Password Reset email at the email address you input above. If you wish to print out a login card for new staff, it will not show their password for security reasons.

You can learn more about resetting staff passwords and creating temporary passwords for staff here.

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