How to schedule books and activities

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1.      To schedule a book firstly go to the libraries tab on the home page

2.    You’ll see a list of book categories and the author areas – Select your book category to be given a list of books in this age rage.

Please note that ages will not be shown in the children's view

3.    The books are sorted into genre so you can choose from action, adventure, contemporary, crime, fantasy, historical, mystery, myths and legends, science fiction, and spooky.

Please note that books will turn up in several categories if they are considered to be more than one genre.


4.    Select the book you’re looking to schedule.

5. Click the schedule button



6.    You can then select which chapters and activities you want to schedule


7.    Assign it to a class

8.    You can then choose how you would like to schedule the book. You can select the dates you want the chapters to be set for the pupils, you can also choose not to serialise the book at all.

9.      You’ll then be given a review of what you’ve scheduled, and you can then click add schedule.

 You have now added a book to your schedule, and pupils will be able to view this under the schedule tab in Serial Mash. 



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