How do I set up Parent Share?

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Setting up Parent Share takes just a few minutes. Login to the websuite and click on 'Parent Share', then 'email options'. Add email addresses for the learners in your class and click on Save Changes- an invitation email will automatically be sent to parents/carers asking them to confirm their participation with the 2Build a Profile system. Once they confirm, their email address will become active.


TOP TIP! If you would like to enter more than one email address for parents, please enter the addresses into email options separated with a comma. Please bear in mind if you use this option an invitation to participate will be sent to each email address.


IMPORTANT: It will only require one email address to confirm the invitation for both email addresses to become active (for that learner) so it is important that you make sure that the email addresses are entered correctly. Both email address will be visible in the email.


NOTE: Click on Save Changes to send invitations to parents.


NEW: You can now import parent email addresses from a CTF file, to help you set up even quicker!


  • Please make sure you have the CTF file downloaded to your computer
  • Login to the websuite and click into Parent Share
  • Click on Email Options and on the Import tab
  • Click Choose file and select your CTF file
  • Make sure Update existing users only is ticked
  • Click Upload to 2Bap



  • Click back on the Parents tab, select your classes on the first drop down and you will see your email address below
  • IMPORTANT! To send invitations out to parents, please verify that the email addresses are correct and delete the RemovToActive part of the addresses and click Save Changes
  • Your invitations will now send to parents


For further information about how to set up Parent Share, please clickhere to view our help video!  

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