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Updated by Matt Besant

Mini Mash is a platform designed for learners aged 3-5, where children can learn through play. Mini Mash is set out just like an early learning setting, mirroring the areas of learning which your child may be familiar with. This includes an indoor and an outdoor area, which you can access by clicking on the purple door. All these different areas, as in a real-life setting, are linked to the key areas of learning and development in early years.

The video below will walk you through accessing Mini Mash, the different areas activities within Mini Mash, and also accessing & saving work:

If you have not yet registered with the Parent Portal, please see our help guide on how to do this: How can I register with the Parent Portal? If you are unsure of your child's login details then please follow this guide: How can I get my child's login details?

If you have any further questions about Mini Mash, please contact us on

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