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Your child’s teacher will often set tasks as a ‘2Do’ to be completed. These are activities and tasks which your child can access either via the notification bell or by clicking the 2do icon at the top of the screen.

Where to find 2Dos

  1. Log into the child's Purple Mash account via your Parent Portal or on the school's portal page.
If you have not yet registered with the Parent Portal then please see our help guide on how to do this: How can I register with the Parent Portal?
If you are unsure of your child's login details then please follow this guide: How can I get my child's login details?
  1. Click on 2Dos at the top of the screen

How 2Dos look

Each 2Do contains important information such as the tasks name, the description, the due date and a start button.

2Dos can have a ‘due by’ date (specified by the teacher) which you will be able to see in the 2Do menu. After the due by date has passed, your child will not be able to complete or hand in their work if they haven’t already done so. Contact your child’s teacher if they need an extension on the due date.

Handing in 2Dos

Once a pupil attempts a piece of work and saves it the Start button will be replaced with the Continue Work and Hand In buttons.

Once they are happy they are finished with their work, they can ‘hand in’. When they do this, they are prompted to leave their teacher a comment as to how well they got on. If they wish, they can record a voice message for their teacher to listen to, by selecting the red microphone button

Some activities in Purple Mash have a different hand-in procedure. Quizzes, games and tests will automatically be handed in once completed. Their teacher is notified of this and can view scores and other relevant information about how well each child got on with the task.

After handing in a 2Do

Once a 2Do has been completed and handed in the 2Do will be placed under the "Done" tab in the 2Do section. The pupil will then be able to open the completed work by clicking the Open Work button.

Your child needn’t worry about where to save their work when they complete a 2Do; it is stored in a temporary folder for their teacher to access, view and comment on work for the class collectively.

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