How can I reset my password?

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Before you attempt to reset your password, first double check that you are logging into the correct school portal page. Sometimes you may get an error message if you enter your correct login details into the wrong school portal page.

If you do not the link to your school portal page, first click here, select the type of user you are, and search for your school using the Find my school feature.

Only teachers, administrators, and parents who have set up their Parent Portal login are able to reset their passwords themselves by requesting a password reset link to their registered email address.
Pupils cannot reset their password on their own. They must speak to their teacher who can reset this for them. Parents may request their child's login details directly from the school. For security reasons, 2Simple cannot distribute pupil login details to anybody other than our verified contact at the school.

To reset your password yourself, you will simply need to navigate to the generic login page for Purple Mash.

Then click on Forgot Password under the login button as pictured below.

You can then enter your registered email address on the next screen:

This will send you a link to the email address you entered that you can click on to set a new password on your account.

You will not need to know your old password for this, and need to simply enter your new password in both text boxes (to make sure that you entered it correctly the first time).

Your school administrator for Purple Mash will also be able to reset your password for you whether you are a teacher or a pupil, and they can also set a temporary password on your account and give this to you directly if you are having trouble receiving your password reset email.

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