How can I get my child's login details?

Updated by Matt Besant

If a school has a Purple Mash license, most pupils are able to use Purple Mash at home. 

However, for security reasons, we can not supply a pupil's login details to a non-administrator of a school's Purple Mash account, such as a parent, guardian, or relative of a child. 

They will need their school's Portal address and their username and password. Often, a school can provide pupils with a printed login card that a pupil can take home.

If you are setup as a parent on your child's account, you can assist your child with logging in via the Parent Portal. You can find more information on the Parent Portal here.

Please contact your child's teacher or school administrator to obtain login access to your child's login details.

If you would like to be set up with a free 14-day trial for your child to try Purple Mash, or if you are interested in purchasing a license for home use only (where you are the teacher and administrator of your child's Purple Mash progress), please visit to sign-up.

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