How do I enable full attribute release for USO/LGFL

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If LGFL users do not see their actual name, but instead see a garbled string, they need to enable attribute release into Purple Mash. The document below can be used as a handout to help explain the Unified Sign-On (USO) feature for London Grid for Learning (LGFL), a Virtual Learning Environment.

When user data in Purple Mash appears as a string of characters, LGFL is properly connected to your school's Purple Mash account. However, due to a recent change by LGFL, the default data Purple Mash receives is encrypted and does not include the full attributes of your user data, such as full names. To enable the full attributes of your users to be released to us, your school's LGFL permissions need to be refreshed. 

To change this, the person with the 'Headteacher' access to LGFL will need to follow these instructions:

  1. Login to the LGFL support page at
  2. Hover over 'User Accounts' and on the menu click Federation Data Release.
  3. Disable the Data to be released for PurpleMash.
  4. Wait roughly 15 minutes.
  5. Re-enable the Data to be released for PurpleMash.
  6. Inform us that you've made this change by emailing support@2simple.comWe can then check we are receiving the user data correctly.

After the above steps are complete, we will be receiving Student name and class information. 

As each pupil and staff login, your pupil's and staff's purplemash accounts will populate correctly.

For Purple Mash to work from the LGfL USO logins, the school's nominated person (which can be ascertained from needs to enable attribute release for their school. This needs to be done for both the 2Simple and Purple Mash Service Provider entities in the list (screenshots below). If they have Purple Mash already but wish to use the Shared Folders feature within Purple Mash, so that their children can collaborate, they need their headteacher (or someone with headteacher proxy access, like the LA Advisor) to stop and start the attribute release on the Purple Mash Service Provider entities in the list.

The process for doing this is as follows:

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