Why do Purple Mash hyperlinks in Microsoft Office Word documents redirect me to the login page?

Updated by Mark Welham

When clicking on a hyperlink to a Purple Mash tool in a Microsoft Office Word document, you may experience a redirect to your Purple Mash login page even if you are already logged in.

To access any of the Purple Mash tools by clicking a hyperlink, you must first be logged into Purple Mash on the browser.

If you can copy and paste the same hyperlink directly into your browser's address bar and reach the correct page, then the reason the hyperlink does not work in the Word document is due to Microsoft Office's Trust Centre interfering with links that it perceives to be a threat.

In Office 2013, 2010, and 2007, you can modify the Trust Centre settings to prevent the redirect from happening, however the option to modify these settings is not available in Office 2016.

The best solution to get the links working is to save your Word document as a PDF file. This will ensure that the hyperlinks take you to the correct page and do not redirect you to the login page.

Read more about Microsoft's official support article relating to hyperlink redirects.

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