How do I clear my browser cache?

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Sometimes you will need to clear your browser cache if you find a page isn't loading, or before you will see a change we have made to Purple Mash. The instructions to clear your cache will depend on the browser that you are using:


In the top-right corner, next to the address bar, is a button with three horizontal lines. Click this button and a menu will appear showing "New tab, New window", etc... (see screenshot 1) about halfway down, you'll see an option labelled "History". Click this. You will be taken to a page showing your browser history (see screenshot 2). Click the "Clear all browsing data" button. A window will pop up (see screenshot 3). Make sure the "Clear browsing history" and "Empty the cache" options are ticked. Press "Clear browsing data". Close your browser and reopen it.

Congratulations, your browser cache has now been cleared.

Chrome - Screenshot 1 (the menu)
Chrome - Screenshot 2 (your history page)
Chrome - Screenshot 3 (the window)


In the top-left corner of the browser window you will see an orange button labelled "Firefox". Press this and a menu will come up (see screenshot 1), showing "Bookmarks, history, downloads", etc... hover your mouse over "history" and a second menu will come up. Click "Clear Recent History" and a window will pop up (see screenshot 2). Make sure "Browsing & Download History" and "Cache" are ticked. Press "Clear Now". The menu will close itself. Now close your browser and reopen it.

Congratulations, your browser cache has now been cleared.

Firefox - Screenshot 1 (the menu)
Firefox - Screenshot 2 (the window)

Microsoft Edge

Click the button with three dots on the top right of the screen, and select Settings.

From the Settings menu, click the three lines on the left of the screen, and select Privacy, search and services:

Select choose what to clear under clear browsing data:

Select the options shown below:

Once you press Clear now you have cleared your cache on Microsoft Edge.

Safari (on iPad)

Find the settings icon on your iPad. Click it.

Scroll down to the Safari option. Click it. 

Scroll down to Clear History and Website Data. Select that.

You will be prompted to confirm that you want to clear the browser history: Press Clear to complete.

Browser is not listed

We have included instructions for the main ones but there is always a chance you are using a browser we have not mentioned here. If so, drop us a line and let us know which browser you are using and we will gladly guide you through it.

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