Why can't my pupils see the Display Board I created?

Updated 2 years ago by Mark Welham

For a display board to be visible to pupils under the sharing section of Purple Mash, there must be at least one piece of approved work shared onto it. The display board must also be assigned to the class that the pupils are in under the "Who Can See?" option.

You can access the settings for a display board as a teacher or admin by clicking the "Sharing" icon at the top of the screen, and then clicking the blue cog icon on the right of the screen.

For a pupil to share work on the Display Board for the first time, they will have to share their work from inside the tool or resource that they are using on Purple Mash. They can click on the "Share" button to do this.

When a pupil shares a piece of work, and it is approved by a teacher, the entire class can then see the Display Board in the sharing section. At this point, even pupils who have not yet shared their work on the Display Board will be able to see the shared and approved work of other pupils in their class.

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