Why can't I take pictures within Mashcams?

Updated 1 month ago by Mark Welham

Due to internet safety and the introduction of GDPR, Purple Mash now requires teachers to opt-in to an additional e-safety setting that will allow users to take pictures with their device's camera within Mashcams.

To opt-in, first log into Purple Mash as a teacher or an administrator.

On the homepage, click on the Admin cog at the top of the screen, and then click on "E-Safety Settings" as pictured below.

This will open up the E-Safety Settings dialogue box. The next step is to ensure that there is a tick in the checkbox next to the option "Allow pupils to access the computer's webcam and save Mash Cams to the Purple Mash document store:" as pictured below:

While you are in the settings menu pictured below, it is best to review all of the different E-Safety settings available to you and make any changes you want.

Once you have ticked the option, click on Save Changes.

Once you have saved the changes, for the changes to take full effect, all logged in users must log out and then log back in again.
If you are still unable to use your camera within the Mashcams after you have logged out and in again, please clear your browser cache and try again. 

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