Can I use easy or simple Passwords for younger Pupils?

Updated by Matt Besant

For younger pupils, we recommend using a 2-digit or 4-digit picture PIN, rather than a traditional password.

PINs work on tablets or desktops and display animals over each number. The animals help pupils remember what to type when logging in. 

A sample login card for a young pupil might look like this:

Although they can use a keyboard and press the numbers (as they are ready to do so), the screen will display a login pad of animals that they can use their mouse (or finger on a tablet) to select the correct order.

If a pupil has a 2 or 4-digit picture pin, the picture pin pad will appear as soon as the pupil types their username into your Purple Mash school login form and then presses Tab:

If you would like your pupils to avoid having to type their username, you can bookmark your school's Quick Login link. When pupils open the Purple Mash login screen from the Quick Login link, they can then click "Guest User" in the upper-right portion of the screen.

After that, pupils can click through a series of selections to pick their class, and then their name. They do not have to type out their username. There are some differences worth learning about the Quick Login link versus the standard School Portal.

You can find out how to mass generate passwords (or pins) for an entire class, or school, or even selected pupils, by reading the guidelines here: How to mass generate new passwords for existing pupils. You can also always change a single pupils password if they forget it or if it becomes compromised.

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