How do I create a personal tray for each pupil?

Updated by Sam Barnett

You can quickly mass-generate individual pupil trays in Mini Mash for each pupil by toggling a setting in Purple Mash. The trays that this setting generates will be private, and pupils will only be able to see their own tray.

Using this setting will link the child's Purple Mash "My Work" folder to the child's Mini Mash tray, and relies on the user management offered in Purple Mash.

While you can create trays with pupils' names on them in Mini Mash, these are not private trays. Any tray created within Mini Mash itself is a shared tray and can be seen by all pupils.
You cannot create private trays in Mini Mash if you do not have a Purple Mash subscription. This is because private trays are part of the individual logins and user management offered in Purple Mash.

Please follow the steps below to create your individual pupil trays.

  1. Log into Purple Mash as a Teacher or Administrator, and click on "Early Years" on the homepage.

  1. Click on "Mini Mash settings".
  1. Select the class you would like to create trays for on the left, and then select the "Yes" option for "Create a tray for each pupil" on the right. Then click Save.

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