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In some schools, more than one teacher will teach the same class, and will therefore be assigned to the same class on Purple Mash. This means that multiple teachers can set 2Do tasks for the same class.

If you are assigned to a class on Purple Mash as a Teacher/Admin, all of the set 2Dos for that class will be visible to you in the 2Dos section, regardless of which teacher has set those 2Dos.

You may not want to see the tasks that other teachers have set, and may only want to see the tasks that you have set.

To be able to filter your 2Dos in this way, you can simply add a unique tag when setting the 2Do. You can also edit existing 2Dos and add the tag onto it.

The example below is for the teacher Mr Smith. Mr Smith has set his own "MrSmith" tag on all of his 2Dos.

Initially, when he goes to the 2Dos section, he will see a full list of all of the 2Dos for his classes as below:

Notice how some of the 2Dos are not tagged at all, and may have been set by other teachers who are also assigned to the same classes as Mr Smith.

However, when Mr Smith searches for his unique tag "MrSmith", only the 2Dos that he has set appear, as below:

Tags are very versatile, and you can add multiple tags to a 2Do to filter your view in any way you want. One common use of Tags in 2Dos is to be able to filter the list by subject. Using tags such as "History", "Science", "Maths" and so forth, will allow you to search for these subjects in your list of 2Dos.

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