Setting projects and Authorising Pupil's sessions in DotCom

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Setting a project in DotCom

You will be able to set various projects for your pupils in DotCom. To do this go to the teachers area in DotCom and select a year group you’re wanting to set the activity for.

Once you’re in the year group you can select the session you’re wanting to do with the class.

Once you’re in the session, you can scroll down to activity, and you can click on the set project button.

You can then select the class you want to set the project for and click save.

Authorising pupils sessions in DotCom

You will need to authorise the pupils to allow them to access the activity. The authorise button can be found next to your name.

You will then need to select your class, and select how long you want them to have access for.

You can also choose if you want all your pupils in that class to have access or just certain pupils. You can untick the pupils you don’t want to have access, and then click save pupils.

Your project will appear under the projects tab for you to view and pupils will see the project when they login.

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