Why can't I save Mashcams to the online work folders or the shared class folders?

Updated 11 months ago by Mehmet

You can indeed save Mashcams to the online work folders, however it does involve an additional step if the e-safety setting for this has not already been enabled.

For online safety reasons, there are additional E-Safety settings surrounding Mash Cams due to pupils being able to take pictures with this tool. Schools are in full control of whether these pictures can be saved to the online work folders, or if they can only be saved to the computer itself.

You can enable this setting by logging in as an Admin, and then clicking on the admin cog at the top of the screen.

In the admin cog, select "E-Safety Settings" and then ensure that the checkbox next to "Allow pupils to save Mash Cams to the Purple Mash document store:" is checked as below:

Once this is done, for the changes to take effect, all logged in users must logout, and then login again.

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