Whitelisting Purple Mash

Updated by Matt Besant

If your organization uses security software, proxies, or network filtering systems, you will need to whitelist the following domains. Whitelisting allows Purple Mash to access, without delay or blocks, information on our servers so that your Purple Mash experience operates as expected.

Whitelisting is a process that allows internet traffic to go around any filters setup on your network connection.

If the following domains are not whitelisted, it is possible that some items on Purple Mash will be blocked or slowed by your organization's network. This can cause some unexpected errors.

You may require the assistance of a technician or an IT Department in order to whitelist domains.

All of the following domains must be whitelisted:

  • static.purplemash.com
  • purplemash.com
  • serialmash.com

We would also recommend whitelisting 2simple.com, especially if you have had CPD as your CPD evaluation form is on this domain.

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