Serial Mash settings

Updated by Andrew Wilkinson

The Serial Mash settings allow teachers to control whether book search is on, and whether the e-reader is available to pupils.

The book search refers to the journal area and when you’re adding a manual entry to the journal, whether you want it to automatically search for the book when you begin typing the title.

The e-reader refers to the reader in Serial Mash for Serial Mash books that will read the book out loud to pupils.

To view the Serial Mash settings, click on the drop-down menu next to your name, select settings button.

You’ll then be presented with a settings box – you’ll have a folder for the whole school where you can choose to switch off the book search for all the school. You will then see class folders, select the class folder you want to change the settings for, you can then choose to switch off the e-reader, and the book search for the whole class.

If you click the drop-down arrow under the class folder, you’ll see a list of your pupils in the class. You can change the settings for each individual pupil also.

Once you’re happy with your changes, please click the save button.

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