Can parent's add observations from home?

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The NEW Family Observations module lets learners’ parents and family members take an active role in contributing to the 2BAP observation portfolio!

Key Features:

  • Parents submit photos or videos to a special email address.
  • Once the observations are submitted to 2BAP, they are to be approved by teachers before they are entered into the learner’s observation portfolio.
  • During the approval process, teachers can read/change parent comments, add comments of their own and add framework objectives.



How are Family Observations submitted?

The observations are emailed to 2BAP by the family member. This can be done by:

  • Replying to the standard PDF Learning Journey that has been sent to a parent, including a photo or video in the reply.
  • Any parent that is registered to receive PDFs can email directly with the observation. The observation will automatically be allocated to the correct child. (In the case where more than one learner is associated with an email, the email should contain the name of the child in the subject.)


What happens after submitting a family observation?

  • Once a submission is processed successfully, the teacher is notified by email (if a teacher email is set up under that class in parent share area) and a notification appears on the home page of the Web Suite.
  • If a submission is not processed successfully, an email is sent to the person submitting, informing them that there was an issue. This could be due to reasons such as a photo being too small, a video in the incorrect format or just that there was no attachment.


Home Page Notification

If a school has family observations that should be reviewed, a notification will appear on the Web Suite home screen.


Clicking on the notification will take the user to the Family Observations Manager.


Family Observations Manager

This page is where the teacher can manage all of the submissions that have come from family members. It is accessed by clicking on the home page notification, or by clicking on the new button in the “Parent Share” tab.

  • Teachers can view family observations that are “Pending”, “Approved” or “Not approved”
  • Teachers can view family observations “per class” or “per learner”


Clicking on a family observation will take the teacher to the Observation approval / editing page.


Family Observation Approval / Edit Page

On this page, the teacher can examine and edit the observation that has been submitted.

  • There is an extra text box, labelled “Parent submission notes” for every family observation.
  • When the teacher is happy with the observation, then can select the “Accepted” setting from the drop-down list.
  • The teacher can add learners or any framework objectives.
  • Once “Accepted”, the family observation is treated like all other observations in the system.



At the bottom of this page, the teacher can set the observation to “Accepted” or “Not Accepted” and then click “save changes”.



Please note that family observations will always have the “Share this observation with parents” checkbox pre-checked.


Contact Manager

The Contact Manager page has been enhanced.

  • When a parent submits an observation, new notifications will be visible against each learner.
  • The teacher can click on the notification to view all of the pending (unapproved) observations that have been received.


Clicking on a notification icon will take the teacher to the “Family Observations Manager” area.


For more information about the Family Observations feature, please click here to watch our help video! 

Making Family Members Aware of this new Feature

We recommend updating your email template to make parents and family members aware of how they can take an active role in contributing to the 2BAP observation portfolio.


To edit your email template, simply:

  1. Log on to your websuite
  2. Select 'Parent Share'
  3. Click 'Email Options'
  4. Edit your email template
  5. Click 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page


Sample Template:

Please find attached a report for your child containing recent observations. 

You can also take an active role in contributing to your child’s observation portfolio by sending in your own observations, simply reply to this report or email directly including a photo or video and comment in the reply.

Warm regards 

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