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Your child and classmates will be creating lots of fantastic work within Purple Mash and there are a variety of ways for pupils to view and share work on Purple Mash.

  1. Log into the child's Purple Mash account via your Parent Portal or on the school's portal page.
If you have not yet registered with the Parent Portal then please see our help guide on how to do this: How can I register with the Parent Portal?
If you are unsure of your child's login details then please follow this guide: How can I get my child's login details?

Share work to Display Boards

  1. Click on Work
  1. Click once on the file you wish to share

  1. On the right hand side of the screen, click the meatball menu button, followed by 2Displayboard
  1. Select the desired Display board and click Push work to board

Once work is shared to a Displayboard it will need to be approved by a teacher before it can be seen by the child and other pupils.

Share work via 2Email

To share work via 2Email follow these steps:

  1. Compose a 2Email filling in all required fields
Further guidance on how to find and compose a 2Email can be found here: Parent Guide: 2Email
  1. Click on Attach File
  2. Select a file From my PC or from a folder on Purple Mash to attach to the 2Email
Please note that Pupil to Teacher and Pupil to Pupil emails will need to be enabled by the schools Administrator in order for this functionality to work.

Share Work via 2Blog

Children can also share work to their class blog (if their teacher has approved settings to allow this) for the rest of their class to view.

To do this they need to do the following:

  1. Click on Tools

  1. Click on 2Blog

When they click on the green plus icon in the top right of the blog, they can create their own post and then select the ‘work picker’ icon to share a piece of work from their Work folder.

  1. Create a Blog post

They can also upload an external file by clicking on the ‘add image’ icon next to it, and then select: Blog posts will be checked and then approved by your child’s class teacher prior to being viewable to others, so will not be published until this is done.

If you are unsure on how to make a Blog post then please follow this useful help video here: How to make a Blog using 2Blog

View Shared Work

You can view shared Displayboards and shared blogs by clicking the Sharing button on the Purple Mash home page.

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