How Can I use the Parent Portal?

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As a parent, you can find out about your child’s learning on Purple Mash and support them beyond the classroom by registering with Parent Portal. Parent Portal allows you to easily see the learning your child has been doing on Purple Mash, including any comments on work from teachers, homework (2Dos), rewards and so much more.

If you have not yet registered with the Parent Portal then please see our help guide on how to do this: How Can I register with the Parent Portal?

Once signed up you will never miss out on being informed of your child’s learning as Parent Portal sends all registered users a weekly digest email.

An example Parent Portal layout can be seen below:


The Activity Stream shows all the activities associated with a child, with most recent showing first. Activity Stream shows: 2Dos set and handed in, approved work for display boards or blogs, rewards given, shared work and commented work.


The 2Dos tab enables parents to see any work 'set' or 'In Progress' as well as any 2Dos 'Handed in'. Parents can click on the 'Handed In' tab and view comments and rewards given for individual pieces of work. Additionally, they can delve deeper and look at an individual piece of work.


Any work that a teacher has commented on will appear here as well as any work that a child has wished to share with their parent.


This section contains a useful 'Welcome' video and 'How to' video for parents.

My Account

You can update their details here and choose to opt out of 'Weekly Digest Emails'.

Weekly Digest Emails provide you with a breakdown of activities your child/children have been involved in. These emails are sent to the email address used to register for Parent Portal.

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