How do I create individual logins for Mini Mash?

Updated by Mark Welham

User management and individual logins are a Purple Mash-only feature. You cannot create individual logins for Mini Mash if you do not have a Purple Mash subscription.

If you have a stand-alone subscription to Mini Mash, you cannot create individual pupil logins. This is because Mini Mash does not offer any user management features.

For Mini Mash stand-alone users, each device would need to be logged into by the teacher using the teacher login details. To access teacher features, the password would need to be entered again, preventing pupils from being able to access teacher features.

However, if you have Purple Mash, pupils will be able to log into Purple Mash individually and then click to enter Mini Mash from there. You can also set your classes to go straight to Mini Mash upon logging into their Purple Mash portal, using the Mini Mash settings within Purple Mash.

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