Does Purple Mash's Computing Scheme of Work meet National Curriculum and Ofsted standards?

Updated by Mark Welham

In terms of Ofsted, our Scheme of Work provides coverage, and is broad enough to meet the three required areas: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.

The overview documents for each year group contain mapping information of these strands of the National Curriculum and match National Curriculum objectives to the Purple Mash units. Teachers can use the assessment sheets to summarise their assessment of pupils’ work over each unit.

It is important to ensure as a Leader that the school can adequately provide Ofsted with examples demonstrating how they track progress of pupils in Computing, assess them, and furthermore, how they close gaps between pupil groups. Keeping profiles of children will help to support this requirement.

We know of schools tracking specific children in each year group such as Pupil Premium/Boys/SEN and this has helped to fulfil expectations for Ofsted. It is important to ensure that any policies you have in place give concise and adequate information of how pupils are assessed/tracked and additionally, your school's response to new safeguarding requirements such as (radicalisation, abuse) which your Local Authority can advise you on.

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