Which 2Simple programs make use of symmetry or repeating patterns?

Updated by Mark Welham

A number of 2Simple programs make use of these, including:

  • 2Publish : horizontal and vertical symmetry, repeating patterns along a border, wrapping paper (2Publish is part our online tools on www.purplemash.com. A CD version is also available as part of the Infant Video Toolkit)
  • 2Publish+ : borders, shapes, multi
  • 2Paint A Picture : rotational symmetry (“slice”), pattern. Also in “All Tools” you can select an area of the canvas and then right-click and choose flip / rotate / make pattern
  • Paint Projects: part of our online tools on www.purplemash.com . Click the Paint Projects tab and try different screens such as:
    • Patterns Animals
    • Butterfly Celebrations
    • Easter egg, Christmas tree, Mehndi Clothes
    • Jumper, Tie Nature
    • Flower Size & Shape
    • Sta

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