Undo Levels

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Do the 2Simple programs all implement “undo” in the same way?

There are some differences – see table below. Note that not all actions in a program can be undone. In general, it is the parts of a program where painting is involved that you get an undo button, because this is where it is most needed. Text areas also usually have undo.

ProgramNumber of UndosCtrl Z ShortcutNotes
2AnimateMultipleYUndo cleared when switch between frames
2Assess1YNot all activities
2Connect1NPainting area only
2CreateMultipleYUndo cleared when switch between cards
2Create A Story1NUndo cleared when switch between pages
2Create A SuperstoryMultipleYUndo cleared when switch between pictures
2Do It YourselfMultipleYUndo cleared when switch between pictures
2Investigate1NPainting area only
2Paint A PictureMultipleY 
2Review1NPainting area only
Infant Toolkit1N2Paint, 2Publish. Enable undo in teacher options.
Science Simulation1YFlickbook, Diary

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