End of Term Procedure

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Reset App

We recommend this is done once a term to keep the App running smoothly!

Make sure that all observations are completed and on the Web Management Suite- you can check this in 'Observations' on the websuite. The green dots on observations in the app indicate a successful upload.

PLEASE NOTE: Resetting your device will clear off all data so that observations will no longer appear on your device, however this will remain securely stored on your websuite. This will help to create more storage within the app which will help the software to run more smoothly. It will also avoid any confusion searching through old observations.

To re-set your app...

  1. Open the app.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Tap "Reset all data".
  5. Enter your account details and tap log in  (the app will have reverted back totheoriginallog in details 'user_eyfs')
  6. Set "Use multiple devices" ON.
  7. Set "Use as master device" OFF.
  8. Tap "Back".
  9. Tap on "My Class" to go to the classes and learners page.
  10. Tap on "Refresh" to load your new class details.
  11. Update your Frameworks


Update your Frameworks

To ensure you are using the most up to date frameworks, please follow the steps below on each device:

  1. Make sure that you have wifi connection
  2. Go to settings
  3. Tap on "Log in" - you should receive a message back saying "Success"
  4. Tap on "Check for frameworks updates" - you should receive a message back saying "Synchronising" (let me know if it says anything else)
  5. Tap on "Preload objectives from server" - This should start checking and then loading categories. Please make sure the total number of categories are complete- if the process stops counting up and freezes tap 'close' then 'preload objectives from server' again. This will download any remaining categories.



Once this has finished the objectives should be updated and stored in the app. Only tap on the "check for framework updates! and "Preload objectives from server" if instructed to do so by support. 


Please click here to watch our End of Term help video for further information and guidance on how to set up your App ready for September! 

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