How do I set up the 2Build a Profile Websuite?

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There are two ways to add classes to your websuite.

Option 1: Recommended

You can add learners by uploading a CTF file, to do this please make sure your CTF file is downloaded to your computer. When generating a CTF file you should only include classes that you wish to add and/or update learners in 2Build a Profile. The CTF file will need to include the following information for each learner:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • DOB
  • UPN
  • Gender
  • Year Group
  • Primary Contact email address (if Parent Share module in use)


  1. First, generate a CTF file from your SIMs system or similar. Please ask your school administrator for this
  2. Go to the websuite:
  3. Enter the licence details from your welcome email
  4. Click on Class Setup and then click on the ‘Import Learners’ tab
  5. Please click the ‘Choose file’ button and select your CTF File
  6. Click ‘Upload to 2Bap’ button
  7. Please click on Class Setup to view your classes, press Ctrl and F5 to refresh your screen 




Click here to view our Websuite Set-up Video


If you do not have the system to generate a CTF file please follow the instructions from option 2 below.


Option 2:

  1. Go to the websuite:
  2. Enter the licence details from your welcome email
  3. Select “Class Setup”
  4. Click on ‘Click here for quick entry’ to manually input your classes and learners
  5. Add a group name (ie: class name) and then copy’n’paste your learner names into each class
  6. Click on “Save changes”- this will give each learner their individual 'learner ID'


Click here to watch the Option 2 setup!  


To find out how to add individual children or how to add children's D.o.B in the new class set up screen, please click here

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