How can I help my child delete a file they created on Purple Mash?

Updated 4 years ago by Mark Welham

Here at Purple Mash support, we are not able to make any changes to your child's Purple Mash account at your request due to data protection laws and security policies. We can only make changes to when requested too do so directly by the teacher at the school who is in charge of Purple Mash, and only if they are the verified and registered Purple Mash administrator at the school.

To delete a file that your child has created, you will first need to log in as them, as pupils can only delete their own work. You can also ask a teacher to carry this out if they are the class teacher for your child, or if they are the admin for Purple Mash at the school.

Please have your child's login details to hand, and if you have any trouble with this please contact the school for help recovering their account, as we are unable to send login cards out to parents in line with data protection laws and security policies.

Once logged in, you can navigate to where the work is saved by clicking on the 'Work' folder on the top left hand corner.

If the pupil has saved to their 'My Work' folder, you can simply click on this folder, click on the work that you want to delete, and then click "Delete".

Your child may have saved in another location, so please also be sure to expand the Class folders or any of the group folders if your child is part of a group on the school's Purple Mash.

If you would like a quick way to see all of the work that your child has saved, in the work folders, you can click on the triangle on the far right of the search bar. Then tick the "Search all folders:" check-box, and type in your child's name into the "Search by author:" field as it appears on the top right of Purple Mash.

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