What is 2Lasso?

Updated 2 years ago by Matt Besant

2Lasso is the nickname for the Purple Mash administrative interface. It is sometimes referred to as the School administrative section, or the User Management portal.

Although it is primarily intended for use by School Admins, all teachers, staff, and school admins can access 2Lasso. Depending on your access level, you will have different functionality in 2Lasso.

To access 2Lasso, click the drop down next to your name towards the top right of the screen:

Click on "Admin Settings", then "Manage Users" to access 2Lasso. You can also bookmark the following link to quickly access 2Lasso: https://www.purplemash.com/app/admin/2lasso#/dashboard

You will then see the dashboard of your 2Lasso administrative interface. Again, depending on your access level, your view may look slightly different then this image below:

The yellow dashboard in the centre of the page gives you a quick glance at any setup-related matters you may wish to review. For instance, in the screenshot above, you can see that there is 1 pupil currently not assigned to any class. Clicking on that line would take you straight to the pupils related to that line, so you can quickly make adjustments.

You can find out more about user management by following this link: How can I learn more about user management?

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