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If you have been given a download link for a CD Product, here are the installation instructions you will also need:

Installation Instructions

Click the web link(s) above and you will be shown a number of folders.

For everything but the collection, browse to the folder named UK, click the file to download and then choose SAVE. For the collection, browse to the folder named Standard_Installs and download every part of the collection you want to install.

Installations for the collection without desktop shortcuts can be found by navigating to the No_Shortcut_Installs folder in the Other_Installs link. (If you're using Chrome, you don't need to choose to save; once you click the file it should start to download automatically.)

Some installation files are quite large and may take some time to download, so please be patient.

Once you've downloaded the file, simply double-click it to begin installing on your computer, For the collection, you can download the file Collection_Installer.txt. Place this file in the same directory as the downloaded files, rename it from .txt to .bat and doubleclick it to run. As long as there are no problems, it will then quietly install each program to its standard location. Alternatively you can install the program across your network - see > support for network installation advice, program user guides, and tech support FAQs.

Further Notes

  • Most of our programs require you to have installed Adobe Flash Player from 
  • It's advisable to uninstall older versions before installing the latest version.
  • For some programs we have smaller installs available, which do not contain videos. Browse to the Lite folder instead of the UK folder.
  • If you have an RM CC3 or CC4 network, we have custom installations for these; browse to the CC3_and_CC4 folder.
  • 2Email comes as a 2-part installation. Read the user guide for further information.

If you have problems with the download links:

Some links can only be used a certain amount of times after which you will be denied access. If you need a new link or if you have any problems using the link, please contact us on

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