How do I move saved work around in the online work folders?

Updated 1 year ago by Mehmet

You can move saved work from one child's 'My Work' folder to another folder. Please follow the instructions below:

Before carrying out the procedures below, you must be assigned to the classes in the user management section to see the work folders. If you are not assigned to the class, you cannot see or interact with them anywhere on Purple Mash. The Purple Mash admin at your school can carry this out for you.
  1. Log in as a teacher or admin
  2. Click on the Work folder on the top left of the screen.
  3. Click on the folder where the work is saved. To access individual pupil's 'My Work' folders as a teacher, you will need to expand the class folder that the pupil is in. Then, click on the folder with their name.
  4. Click any work that you'd like to move (you can select multiple by holding the Shift or Ctrl button on your keyboard) and then drag these over to the folder you wish to move it into.
  5. The move option ensures there is only one copy of the work in the new folder that you've moved it to. The copy option ensures a copy of the work is made in both folders.

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